A Full House

There’s a tiara on my kitchen table. 
Obviously a princess lives in my house. A forgetful princess who leaves her tiara and scepter lying around. 
There’s a pirate cutlass on top of my china cabinet, too. 
It’s there because the pirate was being too pirate-y with the dog and got it taken away. That happens a lot, which is kind of unfair because he’s just doing what pirates do. 
The other day I got a box of groceries in the mail, and wouldn’t you know it, the nice folks at the warehouse mailed them in a rocket ship. 
There are about 40 pairs of shoes, less than eight inches long, haphazardly stacked on the shoe rack next to my back door. I think a giant centipede lives here with the Princess and the Pirate and the astronauts. 
There are about 5 billion fingerprints on my television, which is nothing compared to the ones on my front picture window. I think an octopus lives here. The octopus loves it’s Daddy, though, because all the fingerprints on the front window are from waiting with uncontainable excitement for him to come home. It also loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. 
There is a bookworm in my house. There are literally books in every room of the house, and the tiny, blonde bookworm can be found at any given time curled up in a beee-yuuuu-tiful flouncy skirt with “The Adventures of Ladybird Girl” or “Aladdin”. All you have to do is follow the trail of Amelia Bedelia. 
There are miniature buildings all over my house. Some of them sit alongside miniature train tracks, and some of them sit in the middle of the hallway in the darkest part where they are invisible until the burning pain that can only belong to a lego shoots up your leg.  I think there is an engineer in my house. 
Sometimes there are a couple of WWE fighters. Sometimes I have wild animals. Sometimes Smaug and Bilbo go head to head, and sometimes Rapunzel and Pascal escape from the tower. Sometimes Olaf and Anna climb a mountain looking for a sister. Sometimes Captain America gets a little carried away and shield-bashes Black Widow. Sometimes Wonder Woman gives the Man of Steel a bloody nose. “Accidentally.” 
My house is always full, just like my days and my heart. 
And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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