Personality Differences

Yesterday I took my kids to Target to pick up new shoes to complete the flowergirl ensemble for my sister’s wedding. They are gold and sparkly and all the way through the store, said flowergirl giggled and told everyone who would listen that she got new ‘parkly shoes. 
On the way home we stopped at the local grocery store, where she skipped through the store, holding my hand and saying ‘hi’ to everyone in earshot, and begging for bananas and avacados.
At one point she let out a Tarzan yell and tried to swing from my arm through the deli section, much to my mortification. Every day is a new adventure, every stranger, a new friend. 
Big brother, on the other hand, had a very different experience. He was perturbed when the shoes we wanted didn’t come in the right size, and hesitant about getting different ones. Walking into the grocery store, he was so focused on getting a handheld basket instead of a cart like normal, that he ran straight into a chip display. Then as we gathered our items he carefully checked off the list in his head from things I had told him we were low on. “Mom, we need eggs. And we need cheese, and lemonade.” This shopping trip was serious business for him. Just the facts, Ma’am. Structure and schedules. Consistency gives him comfort. 
Their love languages are just as different. My son has the same love languages that I do: Physical touch and words of encouragement. His favorite question is, “Do you need cuddles?” My daughter is young, yet, but she seems to value quality time and acts of service (just like Daddy). Her new sentence is, “What a nice Mommy!” (her version of ‘thank you’) 
With so many differences in such a compact age gap (only 17 months between them!) they provide some unique challenges for teaching, discipline, and emotional needs. Sometimes I feel like it’s not “fair” for there to be different rules/consequences for each kid, but when I look around me at the parents I know, the most successful are those who don’t try to apply the same rules the same way to different kids. I think my daughter is going to be more of a challenge since she is so different from me, she’s going to re-teach me everything I know about parenting. 
What’s your biggest personality challenge with your kids? How do you deal with it?


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