A Rant on Social Media

So, today we have a slight divergence from the topic of parenting, but not really all that far. It’s been brought to my attention that social media is no longer the domain of college students and angsty highschoolers. More and more often I’m getting friend requests from friends’ parents or grandparents, even my own grandparents! Then I realized that I no longer qualify for the college-age crowd, and suddenly 25 doesn’t look quite so old or out of touch. However, I do think some guidelines are in order, because apparently people in their 40s think that social media gives them the right to express themselves like they are in their teens. So here it is, one part rant, one part how-to, and one part Miss Manners.


Alissa’s Etiquette Guide for Social Media:


Rule #1: “They are” is not equal to “their” which is not equal to “there.”

Rule #2: Mothers, teachers, pastors, youth leaders, teenagers, husbands, wives, grandparents or anyone else, for that matter, should never post anything about breasts, their own or otherwise.

Rule #3: The English language is a very complex and beautiful thing. If you are going to use it, use it correctly.

Rule #4: Profanity is ignorance, verbalized. If you can’t think of a better way to express yourself, be quiet or grab a dictionary.

Rule #5: Post as if everyone two generations above and below you will read it, because they probably will.

Rule #6: Post as if your pastor and your boss will read it, because they probably will.

Rule #7: Post as if that creepy guy you dated in highschool will read it, because he probably hacked your account and reads everything you post.

Rule #8: If for some reason you’re dumb enough to do something illegal, and if for some reason you’re dumb enough to video it or let your ‘friends’ video it, DO NOT POST IT. Post as if your local police will read it, because they probably will.

Rule #9: There is absolutely no reason in the world to post a new picture of yourself every day. There is even less reason to post a new picture of yourself scantily clad every day. There is also no reason to post pictures of your house/dog/children/cat/food/plants/fish/canary every day, either.

Rule #10: Post unto others as you would have others post unto you. In our virtual world and global community, lives can be changed in an instant by one thoughtless word. What is funny to you may be devastating to someone else, and once posted, can never be fully expunged.


Let’s introduce a new era of Thoughtful Facebooking… so that future generations don’t think that everyone in 2012 talked and spelled like LOL catz. Image


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