To Know or Not To Know

Today we have our 2nd Trimester ultrasound, and the opportunity to find out our baby’s gender. Up until about a week ago I’ve been staunchly against spoiling the surprise, but I’ve recently started to cave. What if it’s a girl and I don’t have anything pink and frilly for her to wear home from the hospital??

I have one grandmother that’s firmly in each camp, one says God made babies’ rear ends come out last because He wanted to save the surprise for the very end, and the other says you can’t plan and buy gifts if you don’t find out early.

My mom says it’s up to me, and she won’t complain either way.

My sisters say I have no choice, they want to know now.

My dear sweet husband says that I have to decide by the time we get to the clinic, in 3 hours.

My son says, “There’s something going on and I know it, so I’m not going to nap and I’m going to eat everything in sight and cling to Mommy’s legs as she walks through the house.

My baby says “Mom, there’s just not enough room in here.”

I suppose in the big scheme of things 6 months either way won’t make a big difference.

I suppose Santa Claus could be real.


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