Directions: Shake rattle, and Roll

Dear Mom,

You know that old Elvis song, “Shake, Rattle and Roll”? Now that Jude is 3 months old, that’s our theme song! All it needs is a verse about drool, and it’s the story of our life.

My sweet son has recently discovered that he has opposable thumbs, and is getting quite adept at holding onto things we put in his hands. He loves his blue and yellow phone-shaped rattle. The only problem is, we don’t have any fabric rattles for him, they’re all hard plastic. That means that until his muscle control improves, we get a lot of indignant stares when he shakes it and hits himself in the face, especially when he can’t figure out how to stop. But I’m sure he’ll figure it out soon. We all know how smart he is!

In fact, knowing my baby for the super-genius he is, (who else’s baby was socially smiling at 1 month?) I assumed he would be rolling at 2 months, since my doctor told me that’s the earliest I could expect him to do so. Well, here we are at 3 months and my darling can roll exactly 90 degrees: from his back to his side. It seems like he either loses interest at that point, or maybe it’s just too much work. Whichever, he always just rolls back onto his back. Tummy time is a nightmare, the only thing that gets us beyond the 30 second mark is propping him up on the Boppy so he can see.

I’ve heard that some babies skip steps in mobility altogether. Maybe he’ll skip rolling and go straight to creeping! Of course, that would require tummy time.

On a more encouraging note, my friend’s baby Lyla is 11 days younger than Jude, and he outweighs her by 2 pounds! At least we know he’s not lacking in the growth department. I find a new dimple almost every day. It’s amazing that someone so roly-poly doesn’t just roll away!




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